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Schrodinger's rats and the search for ultimate reality

Looking for a combination of quantum rodents, structural realism and balls? You can read a chapter from Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn at Scientific American.

PEN American Center

I am thrilled to be a new member of PEN American Center, an organization dedicated to promoting literature and freedom of expression around the world. 

Physics central podcast

My chat with Calla Cofield about physics, philosophy and dangerous ideas.

Haunted by his brother, he revolutionized physics

For John Archibald Wheeler, the physics of time was personal. My article in the January issue of Nautilus.

Amanda Gefter's Ultimate Reality Party

"Nothing quite prepared me for this book." Scientific American's George Musser blogs about Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn.

Edge annual question 2014

What scientific idea is ready for retirement? I argue that it's the universe. 


Kirkus Starred Review

The first review of my new book, Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn (Bantam, 1/14), is in! From Kirkus Reviews.

The End of Infinity

In this week's New Scientist I talk with physicists and mathematicians who say it's time to give up on the idea of the infinite.

Trading Real Laws for Real Time Doesn't Buy You Much

My contribution to the conversation with the always intriguing Lee Smolin on the reality of time and the mutability of physical law.

Essay contest winner: Questioning the Foundations

I am thrilled to have won the FQXi 2012 Essay Contest Judging Panel Discretionary Prize for my essay, "Cosmic Solipsism"

​This Will Make You Smarter​​​

I am honored to be included in John Brockman's book of Edge essays offering scientific concepts that promise to improve everyone's cognitive toolkit - you can read my piece on duality here

​No surprises from the LHC: No Worries for Physics

My contribution to the 2013 annual Edge question: What should we be worried about? (Or what can we stop worrying about?)

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