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"Beautifully written and hugely entertaining, this book is a heartfelt introduction to the many mind-bending theories in contemporary physics." - Kirkus starred review


"This is the most charming book ever written about the fundamental nature of reality. Amanda Gefter sounds like your best friend telling you a captivating story, but really she's teaching you about some of the deepest ideas in modern physics." - Sean Carroll, theoretical physicist and author of The Particle at the End of the Universe


"Read Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn. Reality doesn't have to bite." - New York magazine


"Gefter will take you on an outsider’s tour of the universe’s inside story, and you’ll learn – and understand – more than you imagined you could." - The Mindful Reader, Concord Monitor


"Nothing quite prepared me for this book. Wow. Reading it, I alternated between depression—how could the rest of us science-writers ever match this?—and exhilaration." - George Musser, Scientific American


"I had trouble putting the book down."Peter Woit, Not Even Wrong


"It’s a heady mix that occasionally threatens to fly apart at the seams, but Gefter holds it all together, and the end result is thoroughly charming." - Chad Orzel, Physics Today


"Perhaps the best popular science book that has appeared this year." - The Oxford Culture Review


"Maybe I'm just too dumb?" - Robin Marantz Henig, New York Times Book Review


"I devoured Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn in a weekend, marveling at how the author went from a coat-check girl at a Manhattan nightclub to going up against some of the greatest physicists alive and explaining their wild and deep ideas often better than they could -- and wittily, too." - Jim Holt, New York Times bestselling author of Why Does the World Exist?


"In this mix of memoir and science, Gefter chronicles her quest to understand the big conundrums through study of the physics literature and meetings with remarkable theoreticians from John Archibald Wheeler to Lisa Randall." - Nature


"A zany superposition of genres...Einstein's Lawn transcends the traditional categorizations publishers try to confer on the books they market." - Philadelphia Inquirer 


"Equal parts memoir and science writing, Trespassing on Einstein’s Lawn is both the story of how Gefter became a journalist (spoiler: it’s hilarious, inspiring, and totally awesome) and a profound, in-depth look at the very nature of reality, from quantum mechanics to multiverses." - Sarah McCarray, BookRiot


"Follow this beautifully written quest as it leads you through the terrain of physics, of family, of history, and you will find yourself pondering all the roads that lead to a richer understanding of ourselves and our place in this endlessly strange and beautiful universe." - Deborah Blum, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of The Poisoner's Handbook


Bantam, Jan. 2014

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