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Is consciousness fundamental in the universe? (No.) Does quantum mechanics force us to rethink the meaning of "observer"? (Yes.) A lively debate with Brian Greene, Patricia Churchland, and Laura Mersini-Houghton on the relationship between the mind and the universe. Part of the 2021 How the Light Gets In festival. You can watch the full video here


"The central lesson of quantum mechanics,” Gefter told me, “is that “subject and object can never be decoupled.”...Maybe, Gefter speculates, we don’t live in either a first-person world or a third-person world, as implied by idealism and materialism, respectively. Maybe we live in a second-person world, and the fundamental entity of existence is not “I” or “It” but “You.”

I'm honored to be mentioned in this deep and thoughtful piece by John Horgan in Scientific American.


"Greetings from my desk—Watertown, Massachusetts, Pandemic USA—where I have now spent some vague eternity writing, reading, thinking, dreaming, pulling strands of thought like silk threads from the pages of books. I play them like some polyphonic instrument—notes of Niels Bohr, Martin Buber, George Herbert Mead, Peter Putnam, Marjorie Grene, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Mikhail Bakhtin—and listen for unexpected melodies in the tunes of quantum mechanics, enactivism, pragmatism, language, the mind..." 

- Summer Postcards to Edge.org


"He proposed on a beach and it was 2:00 in the morning, and we were basically the only people there. It was so meaningful to me that he had proposed during my day — that this thing that had almost broken us, the biggest challenge in our relationship, had led to this beautiful moment where it felt like we had the entire universe to ourselves."Miya Lee of the New York Times interviewed me about the new episode of Modern Love based on my story, "The Night Girl Finds a Day Boy." 

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"The Night Girl Finds a Day Boy" now streaming on Amazon Prime!

The amazing Zoe Chao and Gbenga Akinnagbe play myself and my now husband, Justin Smith, in the TV adaptation of my 2016 Modern Love essay about love and circadian rhythms. With a screenplay by Sarah Heyward, directed by Jesse Peretz, the episode is a sensitive portrayal of life with DSPD. It has been incredibly surreal to watch our story play out on the screen! 


“Declaring something impossible leads to more things being possible,” writes the physicist Chiara Marletto. “Bizarre as it may seem, it is commonplace in quantum physics.” Marletto tells me about constructor theory and the role of counterfactuals in the nature of reality in this new Q&A in Quanta.

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The mind, the universe, and everything in between. I loved this conversation with the always curious and thoughtful John Horgan on Meaning of Life TV